August 5, 2014: Delivery Day!

Tuesday August 5 started out as a typical day. I woke up, went to work and was uncomfortable for the entire morning. Since Friday I had been having what I figured were contractions but since they were so sporadic I guessed they were Braxton hicks. 

I headed to my last doctor appointment before her scheduled due date (Friday August 8). I had been having that pain all day and my OB could tell I was pretty miserable. She hooked me up to a machine and checked to see if my pain was associated with contractions. Next thing I know she is calling the hospital saying we need to schedule a c section and soon. She came in and told me we were having a baby tonight!! 

I called Bart who was at a teacher trainer meeting and told him to come get me. My contractions were too close together to drive home myself. Once we got home we had about 2ish hours before we were scheduled to be at the hospital. In between contractions I took a shower, finished packing my bag and changed out the laundry. Bart did the dishes and got his bag together. I was planning on having three whole days to get errands and chores done before this babe came! We had no groceries and a hamper full of dirty laundry. Oh well! Time for baby.
Bart talks, jokes and takes selfies when he's excited/nervous

My contractions were pretty close together as we got to the hospital. I would grab Bart's hand and double over, waiting for it to stop. He was talking and cracking jokes the entire time, which is what he does when he gets nervous and/or excited. We get to the hospital and checked in around 4:45. I get undressed and into bed, breaking Bart's hand every 4-5 minutes. The anesthesiologist came in to chat before surgery and was thinking of giving me an epidural while we waited for my OB to get there. As soon as she said it my doctor arrived. Forget the epidural, let's get to surgery!
because NOT getting a picture of a contraction would have been a wasted memory
Bart is given a full body suit and mask (to which he cracks a few jokes) and I get wheeled in. The spinal tap was one of my biggest worries so I nervously talked through the entire thing: about elephants. I read a short story about them and sounded like a total nerd. It worked though. Before I knew it it was over and I started feeling tingly all over. I stared giggling like I do hooked up to laughing gas. Luckily for everyone that only lasted a few minutes.
another excited/nervous selfie
waiting to get the spinal...VERY nervous

Next thing I know they lay me down, drape me and made sure I couldn't feel anything (I couldn't). Bart was given permission to watch so with one hand he held mine and the other he snapped pictures and watched. I asked him a few questions but didn't chat too much. I remember my doctor saying "she's really up there" and "there's no way this baby was going to turn" etc. they had to yank her little head out of her hiding spot and finally at 6:08pm McKenzie was here! I heard a "big baby! How did she fit in you?" But no crying. I kept asking if she was ok and then finally heard that sweet sound. I started crying and had to watch from a distance as they cleaned her and examined her.

7 lb 15 oz
She screamed her little head off and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. Bart was able to get up and watch  and finally got to hold her. About 10-14 minutes after she was born he finally brought her over to me to see. He held her close to my face and the nice doc took some pictures. Once they trusted that I was coherent enough to not drop her, I got to hold her! I don't even remember the emotions I was feeling, but if I had to guess I'm sure it was all of them.
proud papa!

seeing my baby's face for the first time

birth: the only time parents love to hear their baby scream

They wheeled me back and my parents and Bart's mom were there waiting for us. Our bright eyes beauty was finally here! 7 lb 15 oz and 20 inches long. Bart was absolutely in love with her from the moment he saw her. I could see their bond right away and it was such a comfort knowing I didn't have to take care of this little pink thing alone!

 From the time I heard "you're having a baby today" to actually having my baby...it was about 3 hours. It was a crazy experience to feel the contractions of labor, but then have a c-section delivery. There's nothing I would have changed about that day. Things went so smoothly and my baby girl came into this world as healthy as could be.

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