One Month

McKenzie Scott Bowen - 1 Month Update 

  • Looking out the windows 
  • Her binki
  • Warm water/bath time 
  • To be swaddled
  • Walks in her car seat/stroller
  • Naps in her car seat 
  • Cuddling with daddy

  • Being cold after-bath time
  • Her diaper changed if she's hungry (FOOD FIRST MOM!!!) 
  • Passing gas
Fun Facts:
  • She gets the hiccups every day
  • Squeaky little sleeper (can't use the baby monitor or you'd think she never slept! Learned early that she will wake us up just fine without one)
  • She has head control like a boss!
  • Doesn't really cry once her needs have been met. She has been such a good tempered baby I'm just waiting for that to end...but maybe it won't?
  • Has met all of her grandparents and 3 of her 6 great-grandparents 
  • Still fits in her newborn clothes. Daddy says she is getting chubby...but she still seems pretty little to me

The last few days I have really noticed a difference in her behavior and she seems much more aware of what is going on. She is getting more and more baby-sound vocal and makes the cutest noises in the world.

To say this has been the best month of my life would be a lie I hope no mother feels pressured to tell. But I learned long before my angel got here that the hardest things are the most rewarding, and she is by far my hardest thing ;) 

To say I can't imagine my life without her would also be a lie. I can imagine it, and it's a depressing world with less love attached and not much meaning. I can imagine it, and there is nothing I would want less. 

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