Throwback Thursday: Sept, 2010

I'm starting a new version of Throwback Thursday here on the blog...I will be re-posting a blog post for all y'all who are sick of hearing about motherhood and my baby (which better be like TWO of you because let's be honest...that's my life now so.... GET OVER IT)

Anywho....this gem is from September 2010 when I was still a student and a hairstylist and my man finally "put a ring on it"....enjoy :)  

(here are a few pics from that week too....so cute!! amiright???)

Rules Football & Pedicures 

September 25, 2010

Rule #9
Stop bringing your screaming,pouting,sticky, slobbery child into get a hair cut and then complain that we charge the same amount for a 2 year old as we do a 10 year old. Your child makes me risk my fingers because it moves so much. I dont know if I will end up cutting hair or flesh. And no, it can not have a sucker when we are all done if it has been screaming the whole time. I dont award little &%$@s

Rule #15
Do NOT tell me how to do my job. Do NOT tell me how to hold my comb. I have been doing this long enough I promise I know what I am doing and your hair is going to turn out great so stop talking about how everyone else has messed it up because unless that was me, I dont care.

Rule #24
I don't quite understand what you mean when I ask if you want gel and you say "ya, just a little".....so you only want the front half to have gel and the rest to not? Don't get it. If you say you want gel just let me put in the amount you need to make sure you dont leave looking like a fool

Side Note:
I am sorry it only takes me 10 minutes to do a men's cut. No I am not rushing, no I am not just trying to get to the next person. After doing 3208643 of the same hair cut it just doesnt take me that long. (because admit it guys, as much as you like to think you have a unique cut, you dont.) Just be happy you dont have to spend an hour in the salon and that it looks great okay?

I hate group projects. I hate over achievers in group projects. I hate people in group projects who make everything 3435 times harder than it has to be. We can get a good grade without having to spend 67 hours on it I promise. Also, no I will not miss another class for this group project. My other classes are important too and just because YOU can't meet at any regular time doesn't mean everyone can cater to your needs. I don't understand why teachers think group projects are a good idea. At least give us a choice so those people who want to do it as a group can and those of us who hate group projects and can do a great job on our own have that option too.

I know I may not survive the day if I write what I am about to write next but I think I will risk it. I am officially sick of football season. I go to 3 games a week if the Aggies have a home game and I am just here to tell you that no one has a body that enjoys sitting in bleachers for 3 hours 3 times a week. I love the Aggies and I love Mt Crest and Bart's team....I just have a love-hate relationship with the sport right now

On a side note; I am going to breakfast this morning which is going to be awesome because I never get to go to breakfast. I am also going to the Bridal Fair up on campus later today because, well, I am getting married and havent planned a single thing and I want to win a free ice sculpture. And I also hopefully get to have a pedicure today as well which is amazing in so many ways. It is going to be a fun day!

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