February goal: run!

So my original February goal became unattainable just a few days after I wrote those goals down. An injury made me sit out for about 3 and a half weeks and I didn't want to try to get ready for a half marathon in just a few weeks and risk injuring myself again. So I tweaked my goal a little and just said that I wanted to get back into running and be consistent. Not a very good goal since it wasn't super specific, but I would say that I was able to achieve my February goal. I ran 4 days a week and clocked in 40 miles and it's only going up from here!

I got lucky because the first few weeks of February were beautiful and it really got me itching to run. I love running out in the sunshine with that heat bouncing off my skin- it's one of my favorite things. By the time bad weather rolled around I was already committed and in the habit so the running continued. I have a hard time on treadmills, so rain or shine, I prefer to run outside. 

Another perk of coming back from injury was that I came back about 1.5 minutes faster per mile! It's so crazy and I have no idea what happened, but being faster has made running even more fun and now I like to go out there and push myself and see how fast I can go.

I'm officially in training mode because the Slat Lake City Half is on April 18- about 6 weeks away. I like being in training mode because it really takes away the option of running. It's not a matter of if I'm going to go out, it's a matter of when. That kind of commitment makes the decision easier. 

I'm proud of how my February goal turned out and now it's on to March. The goal is to spend every Sunday completely un-plugged and I totally bombed the first Sunday. Good thing there are 5 this month to give me plenty of chances! Wish me luck. 

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