Looking at this picture

take a look at this picture.
what do you see?
a darling baby
a huge cookie
a mom holding her baby
bright colors

what's the first thing I saw?
my stomach rolls.
WHY?? I hate that I live in a reality that I hesitated posting this picture because OMG I CAN'T SHOW PEOPLE WHAT I LOOK LIKE WHEN I SIT DOWN! THEY ARE GOING TO SAY I'M SO FAT!!
umm no
most people don't think that way about others (and if you do- shame on you)

I have stomach rolls because of that beautiful human sitting on my lap. I had a flat stomach before I got pregnant. I got pregnant and as the miracle of life starting growing inside of me my stomach stretched and became something new. Then the baby comes and your mid section is never the same. There's a little somethin' somethin' that sticks around with you. But you know what? If my stomach is going to have rolls because I brought that beautiful baby into this world than I should love those rolls almost as much as I love her.

So here I am, posting this beautiful mama and baby picture- looking at it in a whole new way.

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