Shopping fail

Can we take a moment and reflect on all the times we think "I really hope I wasn't like that when I was a teenager"

I had a moment like that this week. I walk into a store at the mall looking for a new pair of jeans. It's the kind of store that has one obvious jean wall but then random jeans everywhere else too. As I'm standing next to the wall of jeans this girl comes over to ask if I need any help. She's probably 16 or 17. I tell her I'm looking for Boot Cut jeans and can she point me in the right direction.

So what does she do?

*gestures to jean wall we are standing next to*
"well we like, have this wall of jeans that has styles on it"

*touches a rack of jeans hanging up next to us*
"and then, like, there are just jeans, like, everywhere else in the store."

(insert looking down sad emoji face. the bright eyed emoji face and the shocked little blue emoji face)

I wanted to cry, laugh and punch her right in the face all at once. Instead I just coughed down a laugh, thanked her and walked away as I thought to myself,

"thank you so much captain obvious. I was really confused about where your jeans were in the store. I was also hoping you could suggest a few different styles and give your insight and oh, I don't know, DO YOUR FREAKING JOB. but silly me. Instead I will shop for something other than jeans because I actually don't have time to try on every single pair of boot cut styles that you did NOT narrow down for me."

I was just not on my shopping A game because I tried on these flowy pants (yes, that's a real fashion term) and the sizes were 0, 1, 2 and 3. Now my left leg has never been able to fit into a size 3 pants but when I pulled them off the rack the waist looked big. It had to be folded over to fit on the hanger. So I grabbed a size 1 all sorts of confused and tried them on. They were loose but I thought that was the style of these flowy pants so I go out to the 3 way mirror and tried to figure out if the crotch was supposed to be down that low or if the top was supposed to hit my bra line (like I said, very confused). That's when a different sales girl comes over and asks if I wanted to try those pants on in a different size. Apparently the ones I choose were from the plus size department. I told her I actually preferred that my pant size was a 1 so don't rain on my freakin' parade. She thought that was pretty funny and then brought me my real life size. They fit much better, the crotch was where it was supposed to be, and I bought 2.

moral of the story? I still need a new pair of jeans...

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