Eating a full bag of chips for 9 miles

Here's the thing about exercise. It's stupid. Sometimes I just want an instant reward and exercise does NOT give that to you. Exercise is long term and the rewards usually creep up on you and 90% of the time it's just not instant.

I feel so strong and tough and sexy when I go for a run and then I come home and no, those pants still don't fit and no, your baby rolls aren't all gone and yes, you actually look exactly how you looked this morning. WTF? What's the freaking point of going for a 9 mile run when you look the same after? That's what my brain has been saying these past few days.

You know what else doesn't have instant results? Eating a full bag of chips.

That being said, the Salt Lake Half is in 3 weeks so....I'll be out for a run.

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