Daylight Savings Nap Fail Randomness

Can we all discuss how much I really hate daylight savings time? It's totally messing with Mckenzie's head so as I listen to her whine in her crib as she contemplates napping or not- I shall blog!

My blogging life is the first thing to go when things get crazy and to be honest I just haven't had a lot to say lately. How much can I write about my angel baby? I'm running out of things to say (but not pictures to take- I still have 50398408 of those in my phone)

I've been thinking a lot about being a mom and how it has changed me. I went to a work meeting yesterday and brought Kenz with me. It also happened to be right by the place where my work lunch was so I was able to bust out 2 meetings in pretty much 1 location and within an hour and a half total WITH my beast in tow. As I'm leaving my second meeting the man who I was meeting with says to me "nothing like becoming a mother to make you very efficient". Amen and amen. I feel like motherhood has made me more practical, more efficient and less likely to BS. If you know me well enough you know that I already don't put up with a lot of BS and I like to tell it how it is, but becoming a  mom has taken that to a whole new level for me. One of the things Bart will tell you is that I am much more "no nonsense" than before. If it doesn't work for me, I'm not going to pretend like it will and I'll probably speak up a little louder and make things happen. I also try to be more efficient with my time and multitask like a total boss. If multitasking was a sport I would be a top competitor.

I'm also struggling with my role as a wife and I'm having a hard time putting Bart first. When he finally gets home from practice I am at the end of my very long and very busy day and I just want to unwind and relax and not have to focus on another human for a few minutes. I'm all "care-taker" out and I really need to start saving some of that love and attention for when he gets home. Any tips?

Moving on...

I must admit that this Instagram celebrity thing is so fascinating to me. The blogging world is fascinating to me. Random people post pretty pictures and BAM- they are instafamous.

Luckily I was not born with very many jealousy bones in my body so looking at these lovely ladies doesn't make me feel insecure or less of a mother/woman/person but it does make me interested. I've met several very famous bloggers through my work and I have to admit that they are all pretty normal women when you are actually in the same room as them and not stalking their social media life.

What would happen if you got all these women in the same room and took away their phones, cameras and fancy clothes?  Minus EVERYONE having the same hair (hello center part and loose curls- are bangs so 2008 or what?) I would bet you would have a room full of typical women. And don't think I'm using the word "typical" as anything but awesome. Because they are awesome. Guess what? So am I. and so are you.

I guess my point is that every woman could have 568493 followers if people really took the time to get to know others and learn about their life. Just a few days ago I sat down at a table with a few women in my neighborhood and learned that one mama has her degree in science but taught herself web design and that's what she does at home. The other woman at the table wrote a fantasy novel and has a beautiful voice. Again, my point is that WHY are seemingly random chicks so popular on the social media scene? The sociologist in me wants to do some huge research and analyze and find the beating heart behind it all because it totally blows my mind. I'm not saying they aren't interesting- I'm just saying they aren't the ONLY ones that are interesting. Ya feel me?

Next random point. My week of no TV was such a good reset for me! I really don't watch as much and I'm going to pretend it's because I learned valuable lessons and not because Season 6 of the Good Wife is nowhere to be found to binge watch *insert big tooth smile emoji here* but for realzzz...I've gotten much better and I'm not really committed to any of my old shows. Even Grey's Anatomy is losing it's flavor for me. I know, pick your jaw off the ground and BELIEVE IT.

Can we talk about dinner? And more specifically how I have not wanted to cook a single thing for several weeks now? Here's what happened:
  • When I first moved out on my own I hardly ever cooked a legit meal. 
  • I met Bart- he fattened me up and taught me how to cook. 
  • I became pretty good at it and together we created our own Bowen menu of sorts
  • I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and all the dishes I liked to make were now off limits. 
  • I adjusted and we ate A LOT of grilled chicken. 
  • We found new typical dishes to make. 
  • Baby was born and TA DA! Mama doesn't cook.
I personally can survive on snacking and when it comes to dinner options I really just don't want to eat chicken again. Poor Bart sometimes gets brave enough to ask "what's for dinner" and I usually make inaudible noises and slowly walk out of the room all stealth like. Here's the cold hard truth- cooking sucks when you can't eat really yummy things. There really isn't much I can technically have that is just SO GOOD that I want seconds. The majority of the meals are actually pretty good, but none of them are OMGDELISH!! hence my lacking desire to cook. I think I just need to commit to the 6-7 meals that Bart and I both like, that are easy to make and then just make those every.single.week. What do we think about that plan?

Ok ok well Beast is now on my lap and my skilled self is typing this under the drawer so she doesn't take over the keyboard. Like I said- skills. Time to go make fake dinner. I hope you all enjoyed reading my random thoughts. I think I'm just going to be random on here because I really have nothing else to offer right now. You're welcome. BYE!!!

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