Goals for 2015

I really really love a new year. There is something about January 1 that makes me so exited. I love fresh starts and a chance to make a few new goals 

Fun fact about me? I totally suck at accomplishing goals. I think I usually decide on something way too intense and if I mess up once I throw it all out the window. 

For 2015 I thought it might be fun to break up the year a little bit and have a monthly (or so) goal. Then other general goals that I can work on all year. 

A few years ago Bart and I made it a goal to throw out less food and we rocked it! I like those kind of goals that you can always improve on. We are already working on not swearing and sticking to our clean eating and building a food storage 

January- complete our 72 hour kits

Feb- run Dog Days Half Marathon 

March- spend every Sunday completely unplugged 

April- finish Book of Mormon 

May- no spend! Don't buy anything extra 

June- run Utah Valley Half Marathon

July- hike 3 new trails

August- go on a "date" with each of my siblings 

September- run Big Cottonwood Half Marathon 

October- read a classic book that seems to be "over my head" 

November- spend every Sunday completely unplugged (again!) 

December- sponsor a family for Christmas 

I'm looking forward to a great new year and will write a 2014 recap later this week (hopefully) 

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