Bye bye school

School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out!

I can't wait. All I want to do is play in the snow and listen to Christmas music and go shopping.

I would also love to be able to sleep in. I have almost forgotten how to sleep in but I am sure I will catch on quickly after a few days.

I have also started to read again and it is fabulous. I forgot how much I love to read and now that I have found a few good books I can't get enough! Like I said earlier, I officially know where I will be spending some of my money. 

Another reason why I am happy? My roommate is moving out which means....I get to move into her room which is three times the size of mine, I'll get my own bathroom AND get to park in the garage at all times. I can't wait... call me a picky/rude roommate but I can't wait to get rid of her... :)

Today I hate:

Slush. Slush that is in front of houses (sorority houses to be specific) that they won't shovel up. I know they walk through that slush every day in their high heels and tights and yet it continues to be slushy all over those sidewalks. Thank goodness, once again, for my rain boots! My feet have never been warmer...

Group projects. I just finished with one, which wasn't bad because I liked my group, but I started a new project with some other classmates and they are worthless and I don't plan on spending much time devoted to that project because it is for English class and lets be honest, I dominate in English so m grade can afford a bad assignment.

Going grocery shopping but not feeling like I have anything to eat....

Today I love:

Bart! He surprised me at the Statesman office and kept me company for a while...and he brought me some sour gummy worms so that is always a plus

The thought that SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT! This semester has been ridiculously insane...it has almost kicked me in the butt but I think I handled it okay. I still have to write a 9 page paper but we won't think about that in this section...

Soup in the Skyroom. I ate there for the first time and it was delicious! Too bad I discovered it so late in the semester.

Music from high school, crazy dreams with people from high school, random memories from high school, the fact that I never have to deal with high school again...

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