Basketball, Football and B-Day Ice Cream

Yesterday at my birthday dinner I couldn't have my free birthday ice cream. I almost cried.

I ate WAY too many potato chips on the road.
(but I don't care too much because I was denied all the goodness of sugar and candy that belongs on a road trip)

"Blink" is a totally interesting book about your subconcious and how we aren't in as much control as we think we are.

Sometimes the only pictures I want to take are selfies with Bart

Here was my weekend: Friday night go to dinner because we have a coupon (booya). Come home to watch Aggie Basketball game. Do homework and laundry. Wake up Saturday and drive to Vegas. Go to Aggie football game. Sleep. Drive home. Go to birthday dinner. Sleep...hello Monday.

I told Bart that going to dinner and then sitting on the couch to watch basketball does NOT count as a date. He looked at me confused and continued to watch the game. Silly boys.

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