We just found out a member of the family is expecting a baby! Yay! Bart threw a mini fit about it for a few seconds...but he  does that every time we find out one of our friends is pregnant so I'm kind of use to it ;) 

The happy news got me thinking of all the things I do because I don't have any kids. Every time I take a really long shower or go for an extra long run it occurs to me how hard it would be to do these things if I had a baby in my life. 

When Bart and I enjoy our time on the couch watching TV and reading I can't help but think how noisy our house is going to be one day. Bart has the delusion that our future child will just nap right along with him on our crappy couch. I beg to differ. 

I tell Bart he just needs to enjoy time with me because once a baby gets here our world will be turned upside down. He tells me he has had enough alone time. 

And ya know what? I think I have too...

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