2 Cents: 4,500 Calories

All week long and especially today I have been hearing all about the calories that are in a Thanksgiving Day meal. After reading THIS article I decided to give you my two cents about it.

Let's be honest...none of us wake up on the last Thursday of November thinking "today I am going to rock my diet". We spend the entire week dreaming of buttery mashed potatoes and extra helpings of stuffing and turkey. We plan on mopping up the cup of gravy we put over the entire plate with a few hot rolls. Milk? Yes please! Green bean casserole fills most of the plate and you finally get the salad on there after your first round. Am I right? This is Thanksgiving Dinner. Who freakin' cares if it amounts to 4500 calories?!? You don't eat this every day and your afternoon nap will help you sleep it off.

So go ahead, have an extra piece of pie and YES put the whipped cream on top. Wear stretchy pants and baggy shirts. Eat until you can't eat anymore and be thankful for what you have. If I hear someone mention they are watching what they eat tomorrow I might punch them in the face. You have 364 other days of the year to do that...this 1 day is a chance to fully enjoy yourself and give thanks....and have seconds.

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