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Bowen Family 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was spent eating and playing outside and eating and talking and eating. I was a little nervous about my meal but in the end I was able to eat everything I wanted minus the stuffing and rolls. It was delicious! I was even able to find a brownie recipe for dessert. It was so much fun to be in the country with family hanging out and relaxing. Aggie loved it!

Speaking of Aggie....this is our new dog! We rescued him from the shelter last Friday. He has been so much fun and has been too good to be true. He is potty trained, house trained, doesn't bark, does well with other dogs and can play fetch and tug-o-war all day long.

If you know me personally than I know what you are thinking. Has hell frozen over? Feel read to read THIS, or THIS and then call me a hypocrite. I'll be honest with you...I still hate dogs. I really like my dog.  My dog doesn't bark or jump up on me or run off like a crazy person (canine). I never want to act like strangers on the street automatically love my dog. I will always pick up my dog's poop and not leave it for other people to step in. I will give my dog enough attention that it doesn't feel the need to bark all day when we are gone. God must have known I wouldn't have been able to handle a typical dog so he sent me an angel. He is seriously the best!

I actually kind of hate myself for becoming the person that takes more pictures of their dog than their significant other...but I can't help it! he's just so cute...

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