25 Before 25

Happy happy birthday to me! I'm 24 which means I'm FINALLY old enough to make a 25 Thing to do Before I Turn 25 list! Yay! Here you are (in no particular order)

1. Graduate college [x]
2. Make something off Pinterest
3. Have a girls weekend with mom and sisters
4. Run 2 half marathons or 1 full one
5. Have a baby (or be prego with one)[x]
6. Pay for a stranger's meal
7. Try 10 new recipes and share them with YOU
8. Write a letter to someone I love [x]
9. Visit a beach
10. Get a raise [x]
11. Go to 3 LDS Temples that we haven't been to yet
12. See the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform live
13. Paint a picture and hang it on the wall
14. Give someone a Book of  Mormon
15. Make a new friend
16. Hike Timp (and learn how to spell out Timp.....)
17. Spend a weekend completely unplugged
18. Eat a piece of cheesecake [x]
19. Read 12 new books (1 book a month-ish)
20. Have a new couple over for dinner
21. Go to a play [x]
22. Go 80's dancing
23. Dominate my Hashimoto's check up/tests [x]
24. Get a legit hair cut (not one I do myself)[x]
25. Learn how to hem pants (because as Bart puts it "I'm 4 feet tall").

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