2 Cents: Worst Health Habits EVER

I have been looking for an article to give my 2 cents about and haven't really found anything too exciting. I haven't been in the mood to blog lately so I'm trying to get over the hump! I stumbled across this article: The 7 Worst Health Habits Ever and it got me thinking about bad habits...health...and bad health habits.

Ever since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos  the word "health" has taken on a whole new meaning. It is much more personalized than the magazines make it seem. I have stopped looking through Shape and other magazines as they make their way to my desk because a lot of what is in those stories don't apply to me (ex. Potato Chips with sea salt is a better snack for me than a whole grain piece of toast with jam.) And if they do apply, chances are I'm already doing that really healthy habit.  Reading this article I was happy to see that the bad habit I need to break is flossing more. I probably floss 5 days a week and then whenever there is something clearly stuck in my teeth (thanks carrots). Note to self: floss more.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to health and for me I could sit on the couch less (a habit I acquired while I wasn't able to exercise...and realized I actually really love sitting on the couch) and strength train more. Go out and run hard and fast instead of take it easy. Eat even MORE veggies.

I guess my point is that this article is overly broad and kind of stupid. In my opinion there are worse habits than these listed and habits that are bad for some, aren't always bad for others.

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