Spring 2009. JCOM 1500- Intro to Mass Communication. Grade: B-

I want to say that I remember this class. That what I learned within the 4 walls of the classroom changed my life forever and paved the way for my future and helped me become what I am today. But that would be a bold face lie...

Spring 2011. JCOM 4350- Special Topics in Communications. Grade: B

They called this class "boot camp". It was a test class to see if it could actually be considered a course one day. Test classes are the best because no one knows what they are doing. There isn't really a clear grading outline, no one knows how to work the technology and the teacher is usually too busy with other things to really care about what is happening. That being said, I learned a ton in this class. It's amazing what happens when adults just chuck you into a pit and say "get out of it" with no real direction or guidance. I was proud of THIS project and I mostly love it because it reminds me of that fun trip. That's the great thing about video..it can capture a moment you want to remember! I didn't get the best grade on it because all the footage was shot within the car. The professor expected me to stage the road trip so I could get better footage. I thought this took away from the authenticity of the video.

My hate-hate relationship with technology blossomed during this class. i learned the hard way that Macs and PC hate each other. I learned a few new swear words.

Spring 2010. BIOL 3030- Genetics and Society. Grade: CR

This was the first and only class that I opted out of the grade. All I had to do was pass and it wouldn't reflect negatively on my GPA. I have never been good at science and this genetics class was a biotch. The teacher was foreign and acted like we were experts in the field. I always found genetics fascinating...just not fascinating enough to understand what I was being taught. But of course my grade would have been a B if I had just accepted the grade...but I had to learn eventually that copping out because you're afraid of a grade isn't going to make the class any easier!

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