Big Things Small Things

Big things are happening around here. And by big things I mean small.

 Like Mckenzie weaning herself off of milk and preferring solid food 80% of the time. Like, her 6oz bottles are turning into 2 oz bottles and some feedings include no milk at all. Wah??

It's totally weird when something that is 100% for so long slowly becomes less and less important as other things become the new norm.

-Sleepless nights (months) and obsessing about sleep training turns into a full night's rest and typical nap schedules.
-Constant feedings and hundreds of ounces of formula turns into legit meal times and trying to figure out how to feed a little person.
-Lump-on-a-log tummy time turns into baby chasing and stair climbing.

And did I mention it's only been 11 months?? The rate at which a baby grows, learns and adapts to the world around them is incredible. I have loved being with this little one the last 335 days and watching her learn new "tricks". Today she was playing with a measuring cup and a glass bottle ring for a solid 10 minutes. The ring fit perfectly into the cup and she just sat there and took it out, and put it back in, realizing that something fits into something else. She can now walk if we hold her little hand. Her chubby legs getting stronger and stronger every day. She's also getting really good at throwing fits and smacking things away when she knows she doesn't want something. I appreciate her directness- most of the time!

These little (BIG!) things might seem insignificant and silly to everyone else, but it's my life- and I'm loving every minute of it.

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