18 and 25

My BFF Sarah stayed at our house this week and it was so fun to see and hang out with her every.day! She lives in St George so quality time is a hot commodity. 

 After leaving our babies home with the best dad ever (aka Bart) we headed to the MAC makeup counter and got ourselves a little makeover and then later stopped by The Cheesecake Factory for THE BEST appetizer ever and a tasty treat. 

As we sat there and talked I couldn't help but think how much things have changed the past 8ish years of our friendship! 

Our weekly Thursday night 80's dancing date where we wouldn't get home until 4am and now our date nights consist of getting out after the babies are in bed and if we're up past 10pm we must really be having a good time. 

Our topics when we were 18 consisted of famy, love and life. Now at 25 we are still talking love, life and family, just a different kind. 

18 year olds 

Love- our latest boy crush aka boy drama 

Family- frustrations and stories about siblings and parents 

Life- hair school, friends and our future

25 year olds 

Love- our husbands (less drama, but more to talk about!)

Family- now we have our own families. Our babies take up most of the chatter
Life- careers, hobbies, finding our own identity and what the future holds 

The more life changes the more it stays the same! Love having my bestie in town! 

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