Book review: Global Mom

Global Mom

This book has been sitting on my nightstand and book shelf for over a year. I picked it up a few times and would get into it, but then get bored and put it back down. It's different from what I usually read so it took my little brain a while to switch gears and start enjoying it.

Once I did change my mindset on what to expect, I really liked it. It's an autobiography about a mother who births and raises her 4 children around the globe. Her story and life goes through Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and more. She tells funny and frightening stories of having to learn the language while living in a whole new world (no flying carpet though). She is honest about being depressed after having to pick up and move her family after a few years of finally feeling like they are home. She goes through the cultural differences that shocked her kids and her parenting style and opened my eyes up a little bit more to that big world out there.

It's so interesting to read about a mother trying to do all the daily things a mother does, but in a totally foreign place. She has to enroll her kids in school, figure out how to get them immunized and even how to find a doctor who will let her have a natural childbirth (which apparently is something most French women don't do). She's a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and while she doesn't mention it very often, there are some things in her life that are helped along by divine intervention. 

As I read through most of the pages I was jealous. It's the kind of life I would love to live. I know the grass is always greener on the other side, but Bart and I have always dreamed of living somewhere far far away and having our own adventure with our little family. It's hard to believe we will ever get to do anything like that, but this book helps me dream a little bit.

There is a heartbreaking point to her story that left me crying for several pages. I tell ya- become a mother and ALOT of new things make you cry. 

I would love to meet the woman behind this book and pick her brain and hear even more stories! Totally worth spending a few afternoons getting lost in someone else's adventure 

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