Party like a ROCKSTAR

So driving home from work today, I had the privilege of listening to "Party like a Rockstar" (Thanks 94.5) and it just made me think of back in the day when I, along with so many others, thought that song was cool.

I totally partied like a rockstar..... in the clean way. ATTENTION: No alcohol was consumed during the making of these memories

if you look close enough, you can see quite literally, us partying with Rockstars (the energy drinks of course). When I was in hair school I was addicted to the stuff, mostly because my friends would tell me I should drink them so I would actually be fun to hang out with that night, but that is beside the point.

When I think about partying like a rock star, I immediately think about those 14 months I spent in hair school. Imagine being surrounded by your very best friends at least 40 hours a week, and that was my life. It's no wonder I look back and think of those months as the months I have never been able to top!

I am sure that I have said this before, but I love these girls! They changed my life, and I will never forget them.

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  1. So fun! And I love how your hair is different in every picture! I'm glad it seemed to have survived that period in your life. :)



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