Today was a very long, fun, entertaining, long, stressful, happy day.

I just got back from Tangled, yes I know I am about a month late, but it was so cute! I loved it. I didn't think I would like it which is why I only got around to seeing it tonight but it definitely earned it's self a top notch in my mind. ANYWAY, Bart leaned over to me when (SPOILER ALERT) all of her hair got chopped off and said I should do my hair like that.....like the cartoon. I said if I was able to DRAW my hair on like she did, then yes, I would be able to, but until then, he is stuck with my current appearance. He's funny though so I guess I'll get over it.

Next thing that made me so happy. I came home to an E-mail from this kid who's hair I cut yesterday giving me all the details for doing my wedding video! I am pretty pumped and I feel pretty confident in his skills so I hope all of that goes well.

Bad news? I was looking forward to sleeping in alll morning tomorrow until Bart reminded me I have class! boo. This whole class-everyday-thing is going to throw me off.


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