Snow Day

Bart and I played hookie today

Now I know what you are thinking, how can we play hookie on Sunday? Well it's not  that we had somewhere to be and we ditched out, it was more like we played hookie from life. I have 5498 things to do and playing in the snow wasn't on that list but we did it anyway and had a great time.

It took like an hour to convince Bart to take me to play in the snow, but as soon as we got there he kept saying that we should do it more often, so we will see how it goes. He first attempted to take us up Green Canyon but as we were driving the left side of the road was all dirt and the right side barely had any snow so we changed our course and went to Tony's Grove. 

We had a snow fight for like 5 min before we were both freezing cold

This was our attempt at a snowman...Bart wasn't much help and got side tracked trying to make a tunnel underneath so we just left the poor guy looking like this

After getting white-washed Bart failed to mention the fact that I had mascara all down my face so the pictures all have me with black eyes...

I have never been to Tony's Grove...turns out it is the PERFECT place to go play in the snow. There was plenty of it!

It was fun to be outside and not worry about all of the things we have to do. Days like these jump start me for the next few weeks!

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