I have a mean face

So I have all this time on my hands today and let me tell you why.

I got this weekend off because I was initially going to go see my cousin up in Boise who will be leaving on a mission soon. Then plans changed and now I will be seeing her later today. So instead of driving to Boise on Saturday I was going to go wedding dress shopping with my mom.....but then she had to work  so we said we will go Monday. And then a funeral happened and now said dress shopping and play date with cousin will not be happening until like 3ish today.

which means...

I am sitting here in a face mask and pj's wishing I could eat everything that is currently in my cupboards and waiting for time to go by. Why not do something you ask? Well because I have already done everything there is to be done.

Finish laundry? check
Go to the gym? check
Finish story/homework? check
Waste your life away watching TV? check
Eat lunch? check
Clean your house? check

I would read a book because that is what I am in to these days but I have finished all of mine and have 3 new ones on the way, but they obviously aren't here yet. I would vacuum my nasty floors but I apparently no longer have a vacuum. I would do homework but it has only been one week of class so I don't have any. I would go shopping and buy things I think I need even though I really don't need them but it is No Spend January still.

which leaves?

Blogging! Yay for being able to type really fast and be able to say whatever the heck I want to thinking people read this even though they really don't. So now ladies and gentlemen, I will vent about what is currently bothering me at the moment.

What part of I am at the gym, nasty and sweaty, and clearly don't want to talk to you because I have headphones in does a person not understand? Why would said person think ANYONE would want to be disturbed at the gym? I understand there are two kinds of girls who go to the gym. Let me elaborate:

There are girls who wear really short shorts and super tight tank tops, perfect pony tails and knee high socks (that part I never understood) that go to the gym. They don't even know how to turn on the treadmill, much less be willing to risk sweating their make up off. They obviously have daddy issues and are looking for attention.

Then there are girls like me. Baggy shorts, a hideous bright orange shirt that I like to wear because it "lets me breathe" and not because it shows off my curves and hair that hasn't even been brushed. I clearly know what I am doing here at the gym and any normal person should see that I do NOT have daddy issues and need/want their attention.

that being said, let me explain to you the encounters I have been having with this guy at the gym. First time around I didn't really notice him until he came right up to me, trying to talk even though I had headphones in, and explained that I was doing something wrong. My knight in shining armor then proceeded to "help me" get my form right. He was creepy but whatever, maybe he has daddy issues and needs attention. later on though, as I was getting my stuff together, he comes up too me again. He tells me i "have a mean face" and I don't look really friendly when I am working out. I explain to this person who is way too close that I am not at the gym to make friends, or even talk to another human being, so clearly my face has been doing it's job (until today unfortunately).  He laughs and I run away terrified.

Next day. Creeper is here again and I go strait to the treadmill hoping he doesn't see me. (He does) To be perfectly honest, I was on that treadmill a half hour longer than I planned because I didn't want to have to face him. Finally I had no choice but to get off and go do some other things. He, trying to be as casual as possible, just happened to be a few machines over from me where ever I went. I was fighting with a machine that was stuck and BAM he was right there to help me. This guy is creepy people, I hope I am making myself clear on that one.

Needless to say, I cut my workout short and am never going back unless Bart is by my side at all times.

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