"There's an App for that"

I never knew how technologically behind I was until Bart brought this over as an early Valentines Day present....

This thing is fascinating and Bart has already become the new spokesperson because his official response to everything now is, "there's an app for that"

...and there literally is an app for that.

This thing is cool ladies and gentlemen.

Other cool things going on in my life?

  • I have pretty much defeated any unhealthy craving for the past three weeks.
  • I am not behind in school yet, and I say yet because I am realistic, but as of now, I am perfectly on top of things. 
  • I am getting married in 15 weeks....which compared to 38 weeks is not that long
  • It's Friday (this speaks for itself)
  • I'm not hungry
  • There is no slush on the ground
  • The people in my group projects in various classes are NOT psycho, annoying know-it-alls
  • I am slowly but surely getting better at Yoga

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