Purses, calories and misery

First thing is first.

Ladies, why do you feel the need to bring a purse to school ALONG WITH your back pack? Your backpack must not weigh as much as mine does because the last thing I would want to be doing is lugging around an extra 5+ lbs. I think girls who bring purses to school and carry them around all day are silly. Everyone has cute purses, so it's not like you have to come to school to show off your fun new things. If you want to do that, high school is just down the street. 

Next. Does anyone realize just how much 1,200 calories is? Because I am here to tell you that no normal person should be okay with only eating that much every day. My lunch bag looked so sad today since all it had in it was a tuna fish sandwich, and apple, an orange, some Trisciuts, and some carrots. This whole you-are-about-to-take-pictures-that-you-will-have-for-the-rest-of-your-life diet really sucks.

Did I mention I was hungry?

I just have to keep telling myself I will appreciate the sacrifice when those pictures are taken...that being said, I have never wanted junk food so much before in my life.

(I am currently sucking on an atomic Fireball though, to distract my mouth and it is working. I may have to stock up on these...)

Today I hate having to come up with headlines for my section's stories. I might have a really good one, but then it doesn't fit into the space, and anyone who has done this before knows, you don't change the space for the headline, you change the headline for the space.

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  1. Dont worry megs it IS possible to eat under 1200 calories a day. thats usually what my goal is ha as lame as that sounds. i'll give u some tips:)
    the vanilla slim fast are the best 200 calorie filling breakfast you can have. i usually buy the powder you can blend into a shake yourself and slice some bananas into it once its done.
    quaker has 100 calorie granola bars that are way good.

    and drink lots of water. and chew sweet sugar free gum. (it helps confuse your body to think its full lol)
    love you! hope i'm helping ish
    sarah g



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