Why hello 2011...

I guess I am the only one, but I actually liked 2010. You see all of these posts on Facebook saying good riddance to 2010 and I must say that I don't feel the same.

This was the first year I got to spend with Bart, and as Bart put it, "it was our first year in love". So of course, a lot of my memories involve Bart (not a bad thing in my opinion). But I also have a lot of people in my life besides Bart, and lots of exciting things happened to them too.

What happened in 2010 that was so great you ask? Well let me show you... ( I randomly had a working camera throughout the year, so pictures are kind of spread out over the year...but you'll get the idea)

This is us last January

Spontaneous mini trip to Bear Lake

Road trip to Oregon!

Trip to St. George for 4th of July

 Another spontaneous camping trip

Football games of course

...and birthdays!

 And of course, Christmas!

Happy New Years everybody!

I loved 2010, but I am excited for 2011. So many new adventures are only just beginning and I can't wait!

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