a cold and flu production

  i am missing classes for the first time this semester and it feels kinda dirty. i have some sort of cold/flu again and Bart told me to stay home so....here i stayed.
               I dont know what I will be doing all day long, but I am planning on being somewhat productive. My semester is about to get really challenging so I am trying to prepare for it the best way I can. having semester long projects has its perks, but having a semester long project in all my classes is a little tricky.
      I am excited for my topics. for my Convergence Journalism class (basically like my Bootcamp class I took up at USU) we have one topic and have to report on it in all the different mediums. i chose to do the non profit organization Running Forward. It was started by a student here at the U and it sounds like an awesome program, I am excited to work with them.
           For my long feature magazine article I want to write about teen pregnancy and sex education in school and if there is a link between them. I work with a girl who also works with pregnant teens and she said she could get me interviews with a few of them. I am kind of intimidated by this topic, but I think it has serious potential to be B.A.
   Then I have my video production class that I am less worried about, but have a group project which always sucks. and then of course my Music class aka the class from hell is what I think I will be mostly working on today.

i'll see if i can squeeze a nap in there somewhere.

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