Teaching Moments

you know those days when you have a ton to do but it ends up being a completely unproductive day and not really because you did anything wrong?

yeah. that's my day today. For the past 3.5 hours I have been wallowing in the LNCO building going from computer lab to getting a juice in the building across the yard to chair in lobby and back to computer lab. I am in the middle of a project where I need to record my narration for my audio story but the information I need has yet to be answered by my person. my person also bailed out on an interview later tonight which means I am meeting with him tomorrow and am going to have to finish my project then.

so why 3.5 hours? Well because my video production class (which is 329874 times better than the class I took at USU. really old guy who is bitter about the changing technology world verses young guy who is submersed in that change, which would you prefer? ) Anyway, we are also in the middle of a project but my group and I didn't really need any class time so....class went by pretty quick today. Luckily for me, this one professor was able to help me with a little problem I have been having with my audio project for my other class. He saved the day.

so moral of this story?

I woke up early today for no reason
I brought all my recording shiz for no reason
I drove to school today and paid for parking to carry said equipment for no reason
I had nothing to do for 4 out of the 6 hours I have been on campus
My to-do list is still really long

Luckily I have the WHOLE day off tomorrow to do all of these things
I may or may not treat myself to a pedicure.

p.s. I FINALLY learned how to spell volunteer. No joke, I could never spell it before last night's "Teaching Moment with Bart"
hmm...maybe I will create a blog post series about that too.....

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