Okay I take it back, I am still going to write my magazine article on Sex Education.

I read about a BILL being presented that wants to take away all talk of contraception in schools.

Maybe it's because I am the wife of a health teacher, but this is the worst idea they could come up with. Not only will this NOT help stop kids from having sex, it will increase their chances of getting and spreading STD's. Let's be honest. Kids in high school and junior high are going to have sex. I'm not saying it's right, or that we should just be okay with it, but people need to stop ignoring it too. It's going to happen. wouldn't you rather have your children know what condoms are so they don't get pregnant or sick? "Well it is something that should be taught in the home" okay well guess what, it's NOT being taught in the home because parents are in denial that their child may or may not eventually have sex before they get married.

Ignoring something won't make it go away. It should be taught at home, AND at school.

Am I wrong?

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