Happy Wednesday

I think I love Wednesdays. 

About a month ago I told my boss at wok that I can't come in until 5 on Wednesdays (this would allow me to have pretty much a full day to focus on school projects since every other day of the week I am occupied from 9-5 or 7-7.) It has worked out perfectly, mostly because my projects aren't taking up that much time yet so I get to spend Wednesdays cleaning my house, reading my choice of book, spending quality time at the gym (when no one is there, which makes it that much better) and doing school work.

I ran 3 miles today, I was pretty proud. I have really short legs though so I run really slow, except it doesn't feel slow to me, because of those short legs I mentioned. So it took me 40 minutes to run it. At minute 20 I was done with this running idea but I kept telling myself okay just get to 25....30...(at this point I pick up the pace a little bit so I could make the 3 mile mark by minute 40.) The last 10 minutes were really tough, but I did it! I felt pretty proud of myself, and even sang in the shower when I got home.

Also, I LOVE Bart. I set up $40 worth of small candles all around our apartment last night trying to be romantic and the first thing he says? "Isn't this a fire hazard?" Typical.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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