Love to Love Love

Happy Day of Love everyone!

Oh Valentines Day, what drama you bring.

I happen to be in love (surprise!!)
I happen to be in love with a man who is like 89% of men out there who hates V-Day
I happen to be in love with a man who treats me like it's V-Day most days out of the year
I happen to be a girl who loves flowers and candy and romance
I happen to be a girl who doesn't care if I get these things on February 14
Would I complain if I got said things?
Of course not.
Will Bart be in trouble tonight when he gets home from Parent-Teacher Conference after a 12+ hr day and doesn't have flowers and gifts in hand?
Of course not.

I said this last year, and I just think I will say it again:

So many people hate Valentines day and I don't really understand it. If you love someone, buy them a dang flower, if you aren't in love, get over it and buy yourself a flower. Mothers Day and Easter are just as commercialized but you never hear anyone complaining about that. Not having a Valentine isn't the end of the world and crying about it only makes you look more pathetic. Embrace being single, or embrace the person you love (good one I know). And if all else fails, take advantage of the awesome candy selection that is in the front of every store. 

-Feb 14, 2011

I think people just love to hate Valentines Day. It's a day for people (including Bart) to complain about the retail industry and how stupid "the world" is. Let's be honest, Valentines Day isn't going anywhere, so maybe we should all just cheer up and learn to love it?

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