Do babies have nightmares?

Mckenzie randomly woke up 40 minutes after going to sleep the other night totally screaming like she was hurting. Her eyes never opened and after a few minutes of just holding and rocking her she was fine and slept the rest of the night. 

Naturally I googled "do babies have nightmares"

Dear all new moms: NEVER GOOGLE ANYTHING

People on the Internet are CRAZY. Check out this response to a poor new mama asking if babies have nightmares 

Your baby is having nightmares because you decided to take a shower and she woke up and you weren't there and YOU DID THIS TO HER!!!!!

 Also, ya know that thing called birth where they grabbed her by her little feet and yanked her into this world (c section) or she came head first through a way too small hole and was caught by some weird guy in gloves? That moment? Well she is remembering that as we speak and YOU DID THIS TO HER!! 

Moral of the story? Your child should never cry, never wake up without you and if you let her experience anything other than your boob in her mouth she will be damaged for the rest of her days. 

People be cray cray. Seriously- just don't google anything. Ask your mom, your bff or your pediatrician, not the insane lady with an Internet connection. 

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