4 months

Baby Mac! We made it 4 months. It has been pretty great.

I can't believe it's already been a month. I feel like I just wrote her 3 month blog post so I will keep this one short and sweet

LOVES the TV. The day she rolls over is going to be because mommy adjusted her little body away from the television

Sleeps through the night every night now 10-11 hours and has a clear routine for her day.

Pushes her bum up in the air and gets on her knees during tummy time (which means she face plants into the floor)

Cubby! Her little jeggings are getting too tight.

Starting to notice real people food, but doesn't seem interested if I let her lick something

Her goo-goo-ga-ga has turned into more of a yelling baby-talk. It's adorable

Still doesn't relate to the baby books. Apparently she is supposed to be in a month long "leap" but she never gets grouchy, so I have just stopped reading that book.

Favorite thing is still to look around at everything and chat.

These past few months have been so much fun!! I told my friend the other day that if babies just popped out at this stage, I would have another one right now. She is my favorite and I'm so excited to watch her grow.

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