Trash bin thoughts

My awesome father in law (hi Larry!) mentioned yesterday that I haven't been blogging much. I told him its because sometimes I just have nothing to say. 

I still have nothing to say but I will write anyway. I read somewhere that a writer should make a point to write everyday, even if it ends up being garbage and thrown away. Lucky for you..this blog is my trash bin and you my friends get to sometimes read my daily musings. 

Speaking of reading- I downloaded a free ebook called "Lost in Shangri-La". Did you know there was an entire civilization living in New Guinea that was completely cut off from the outside world and was just living like "savages and headhunters" during World War II ** they were just chillin in the middle of the rainforest with their own crops and civil wars. Mind blown. The book is about a plane crash and lots of other things, I just haven't gotten past the crash part yet. 

*side note: I had to ask Bart what war World War II was and he is currently giving me a history lesson. I embarrass him with my complete lack of history knowledge (and geography knowledge) 

I'm also reading a few of Richard Paul Evans' novels because his latest one ended up on my desk at work. I liked the first one I read (Lost December) but am bored as I try to finish Walking on Water. Full reviews are on their way. I also read Jodi Picoult's newest book Leaving Time. PLOT TWIST!! Not my fav, but again a book review is coming. 

I am going to take a few seconds and just mention how much I love having Bart home at 3pm every day. I know that's not normal for a lot of families out there, but it has always been our normal and I'm happy we have it back. I don't mind the 4 months of intense football season, but man do I absolutely love the 8 months of non football season. 

Mackado is just getting cuter and cuter everyday. I will have a more detailed report for her 4 month old blog post on Friday (you're welcome) so for now I will say those squishy squishy cheeks light up my world

Well I'm starting to see why they say to just write and write- I have a few ideas for future posts! Good night everybody

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