Baby cuddles, baby daddy, WATCH YO MOUTH

Well folks my thumbs are at it again. I'm currently laying horizontal on my bed with my baby cuddled up next to me dong her best to take a nap. I could be doing laundry, cleaning house or 3947 other things- but I'm spending the afternoon cuddling with my baby. Sorrynotsorry. 

I've been loving  every second with her these days. If she is awake I usually drop everything and get RIGHT UP IN HER FACE and she totes loves it. ( or so I tell myself) 

Bart has the next two weeks off and yours truly has zero. (Ok ok I have Christmas and New Year's Day- it could be worse) so he will be Mr Mom and I'll be bringing home the bacon. I am SO blessed to have such a supportive husband and daddy to our baby girl. He fully accepts halvsies (halfsies?) responsibility when it comes to baby duty and never makes me feel like one of our jobs is more important than the other. He's pretty great and I'm excited for these two to bond a little bit 

work has been super stressful the last two weeks. I don't know why, but I definely wasn't gellin this week. Thank goodness for weekends to reset, take a deep breath and GET OVER IT amiright? I love weekends. 

So Bart came home one day and said he wanted to stop swearing so for every swear word we decided 10 push ups would be the punishment. You would drop down right then and there if possible, if not you have to do them ASAP. I was so proud of this random new goal of his I decided to join! Turns out I probably swear more than he does (oops!) so we are both getting our push-ups in. It's definitely working though and now we catch ourselves before the word gets out 80% of the time. This life is all about improvement and progression right??? (Plus Bart's upper body is toning up quite nicely so it's a win win). 

Speaking of toning up and being awesome- we are training for a half marathon in Feb. Today was a cold 6 miles, but I really do love it. 

This month has been a lot of fun. We have been pretty social and life is just so much better when you have good people in it, Ya know? For so long my life was filled with crappy crappy people who were not good for me and I realize what difference it makes when you have good friends and good people surrounding you. It's da bomb.com. 

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