Bean Salad

If I'm asked to bring something to a party I try to keep it simple. This has become my go-to. The best part? I'm happy if there are leftovers! It's so yummy and something I can eat without guilt. 

Share share share you ask??? OK fine. 

1 can of the following: 
Black beans
Red beans
Pinto beans
Garbanzo beans 

2 cans of fresh corn
8oz chunky medium salsa 
1TB vegetable oil 
1tsp lemon juice
Chili powder to taste 

Dump beans in colander and rinse. 
Add beans, corn and salsa to large bowl.
Add vegetable oil, lemon juice and seasoning 
Cover and chill

Eat with tortilla chips or anything else to get this yummy goodness in your mouth! 

How easy is that? Take to your next holiday party. It's different than typical dip and oh so tasty! 

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