The runner's mind during hill repeats

Bottom of hill- ok. You got this. Just three of these

Halfway up- this totally sucks. Hills are stupid. You are stupid. 

3/4 way up- you might die. You're probably going to die. If you make it to the top you can be done! I won't make you do the other two

Top of hill - your such a BA. That wasn't so bad. Beautiful view! Fist pump 

Down hill- you're such a great runner. Your body is pretty great. This is easy! Go  you. 

Bottom of hill- ok I can totally go up that hill again! Let's do this thang. 

Half way up- oh ya, this totally sucks still! 

3/4 way up- I think my legs are going to fall off. Yep...I'm going to just sit over there and die 

Top of hill- yay! You did it! Not that bad... Let's go again! 


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