Baby rolls!

Mckenzie rolled over today!!!

I know all you mamas out there can imagine just how excited I was as she was trying and finally succeeded. It wasn't an accident either. She was consciously trying to do it and after several failed attempts she finally figured it out!! I squealed and clapped and kissed her chubby cheeks. I seriously got so happy. 

I freaking love motherhood. The things we get excited about? The things that make us so happy? It's the little things and I love my life being filled with those little moments. 

I love seeing her learn how to smack her lips together and listen as she makes the cutest noises. I love her soft skin on my cheek and her big smile she saves just for me. Love isn't a big enough word anymore. Love doesn't fully explain the feeling and emotion I have for my baby girl. It's truly a god-like experience and emotion we get to have here on Earth.

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