The baby gadgets I use every. Single. Day.

My baby was and still is an angel wrapped in pink squishy skin. She is the easiest baby. I know this. That being said, the things I use daily are going to be different if you have a baby that needs a little more stuff to be happy. These are also things we spent money on that we actually used (unlike these)

Soothie binki
For some stupid reason I tried avoiding the binki when she was first born. Then my all knowing and genius mom gave me the mommy- OK and we have never looked back. I've tried giving her other binkis but she knows what she likes

Diaper Genie
I've read people say this is a stupid product and totally pointless. LIES! Do you realize how many diapers a baby goes through in a day? Are you really going to wrap each one up in an individual grocery sack and take sit out to the garbage can? Or would you rather stick it down a magic hole never to be seen or smelled again? (Until it's time to empty which takes like 2 minutes and is MESS FREE). This is my favorite thing in the nursery besides my own child. 

Muslin blankets
They are big, thin and can be used for drool, spit up and to keep your baby warm or on the floor for tummy time. I'm all about multitasking items. 

Changing table
Do you need one? No. But I use mine every morning and night. The floor works just fine when we are downstairs, but a pad on top of her dresser is great. We always play, talk and blow belly bubbles when she is up a little higher 

Fan or space heater 
Of course the nursery is the room with the worst temperature control! The vaulted ceilings make winters COLD and the big east facing windows make the summers HOT. So we have a fan to cool it off and a space heater to warm it up. Annoying but needed.

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