Hi Baby: Christmas List

Hi baby,

Your daddy shared this LINK with me a few weeks ago. A list of things a 25 year old single girl wants for Christmas.

Reading this list makes me really happy that my life has more meaning than the objects and desires this girl lists off. It also makes me hope that one day you have bigger dreams than having a big butt or 'likes' on Instagram.

Don't you know your life is meant for so much more? It's meant for big things baby girl. Big things. You can do whatever you dream of doing. You can have a Christmas list filled with travel plans and life goals worth accomplishing. You can dare to have better things than Beyonce's thighs or a week where calories don't matter. Your thighs (chubby now and perfect forever) aren't worth wasting a wish over and if you're going to eat the calories you might as well enjoy them.

I hope your Christmas list involves other people and has more substance than losing weight and getting a tan. I hope you want to come see your mom for your favorite meal or call your grandma without it feeling like a chore. I hope by 25 you can see what really matters in life. I'm not saying you have to be all grown up with a white picket fence and toddlers, but by 25 I hope your self centered days are over, and you realize just how fortunate you are for the life you are living.

I want you to have wishes and dreams and goals that are pages long: I just really hope it doesn't include sex fantasies, wants for a different body and dreams of being lazy and getting everything while doing nothing.


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