Having my Hubby Home

Well it's Bart's official first day of Summer and I think things are going to be just peachy having him around. Usually in the mornings I'm alone when I get ready since Bart has already left for the day. This morning though we woke up, went to the gym, and then he was still home...making me breakfast...and packing me a lunch! I even got a good bye kiss walking out the door to work. How lucky am I? I'm thinkin I could get used to this. Another bonus is he actually got to see me ready for the day, instead of 8 hours later when my hair is flat and I'm covered in hair.

Moving on...remember those good old days of my blog when I would bitch about everything all the time? And people thought it was pretty funny? Joy was created out of my pain and misery? Well I realize I have been lacking in that department which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but lets be honest, it was still pretty fun to write  on my end, and read on yours. While I am no longer that super bitter person who hated every stupid person, I still feel like venting tonight. I am a little out of practice so it may or may not be funny...probably closer to the may not...

So can I just say I really really really hate when one lane is closed on a two lane road? Mostly because people are idiots and DON'T MERGE. I was getting so pissed today watching all of these cars pass us when the lane was clearly ending. Finally I just went in the middle of the other lane to stop everyone. That's right, me and my barbie car took action people. My middle finger came to visit once or twice as people drove around me, and I'm probably lucky I didn't get shot or something. I was a little scared because one of those big cars could have crushed me like a bug, but luckily that didn't happen either. So please, if your lane is ending, just merge over...and if you have a big vehicle feel free to block everyone else from getting ahead of you.

In conclusion, Bart is going to lose our bet. For those of you who don't know the details, last Wednesday Bart and I started a bet where he had to go without pop and I have to go without candy. If Bart caves first I get $50 to spend on whatever I want (aka clothes) and if I cave first I have to do the dishes for 3 weeks. Well last night Bart and I had an hour long debate about letting him cheat or not...a "guilt free pepsi" is what he is now calling it. We were even bargaining...I would have some candy so he wouldn't have to say he lost, but I still get my money and don't have to do the dishes. Pretty sweet right? Well it didn't work. but all is well because he pretty much has the shakes without his Pepsi...it's only a matter of time...

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