Old People

Well Bart made it through Football Camp week but now he is sick in bed, cuddling with his computer since I won't really go near him :)

Last night we attempted to go to a Bee's game since Bart said he wanted to get out of the house. Well about half way there he told me he was getting sick so needless to say it wasn't the greatest of nights.

Also, we decided we are old people living in 20-something-year-old's bodies.

We go to bed at 9
We wake up at 6
We enjoy going on walks
We hate our neighbors who ALL have dogs
We hate loud children in public places
We hate public places
We pretty much just dislike people in general

like I said, we're old people.

maybe we just need some freaking friends? good idea? I'm not very good at making friends. but I think I'm just going to have to get over that and find some or we are going to have 40 years of practice before we are actually old.

1 comment:

  1. Read this one aloud to Tyler and we both had a good laugh. We also decided that we are old people too.



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