Logan Visit

So I have missed a few days, I hope all 7 of you who read this haven't been too bored by my lack of blog posting.

Bart and I went to Logan for the weekend and did Logan-y things. We went to Cafe Sabor, did farm-boy stuff like haul Hay, took a nap on his dad's couch, had dinner with my great friends/normal co-workers at Center Street Grill, jumped off clips at Porcupine Dam and even took a trip to Walmart (because it wouldn't be  a trip to Logan without going to Walmart) I even got my ring cleaned at the Morgan Jewelers in Logan since the Morgan Jewelers in Salt Lake SUCKS. 
I was very helpful, watching bart work

look how cute he looks in his dad's workin' clothes
snow cones!

chillin on a rock

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