Satan's Spawn and Killer Dogs

So I have this regular client who comes and gets his hair cut and not only is it the ugliest style of all time, the guy is a total douche. What he said today though really bothered me.

So we were talking and he asks,
"are you a member?" (of the LDS church in case you were confused)
I told him yes
he acts surprised and then asks "well are you active?" 
I again say yes 
he then says "then don't you find it hard to work in a salon environment? girls who do hair usually aren't that way."

This isn't the first time he has mentioned this either. The first time I did his hair he asked me if I was LDS and when I told him yes he acted so surprised and again said "you usually don't find those kind of girls working in this profession" this pissed me off at the time but I just didn't say anything because he's a douche and i'm better than that :) After today though it really upset me.

I have a problem with this on so many levels but first of all, what the hell does that mean? is it hard for me to have a set of beliefs and standards in a salon where everyone believes different things? no, no it's not. when it comes to religious beliefs it will take much more than just working with someone who thinks differently than me to change that.  I guess I don't understand the world this guy lives in. Does he really never associate with people outside of the LDS church? Is he worried that these Non-Mormons he speaks of will attack him with their different beliefs (or lack thereof)?

Second, I don't know about you, but I don't characterize the people in my life to Mormon or Not Mormon. People at work are respectful about my church and I'm respectful about theirs. They ask me questions and I happily answer them. I don't determine my friendships based on religion because guess what, I have had some pretty shitty friends who were LDS and I have some amazing ones who aren't.

Third, did he really just put every single hair stylist who ever walked this earth into the category of skanky stupid girls who have no standards and no religious connections?  He isn't the only one who acts surprised that I am in college or that I can actually put a sentence together, but he's the only one who has actually said it out loud. Every hair dresser I know is a classy classy person and just because we spike our hair or have different colors in it doesn't mean we are Satan's spawn.

People like him are the reason why the church has a reputation of having judgmental members. Unfortunately, I am meeting more and more people like this. We are supposed to be emulating Christ and I'm positive this wouldn't be the kind of attitude He has toward those who are not LDS.

I also had this client today come in and talk about his killer dogs. Literally dogs that are trained to kill people. as in rip their faces off. and I quote, "if someone tried to come into my house without being invited, my dog would kill them, as in murder them right there. it's what he was bred to do" Okay psychopath, thanks for giving me nightmares for the next month. Killer dogs? Seriously? This guy trains them. Apparently they are kind and gentle to kids and their owners but as soon as they sense a bad guy BOOM they kill. Ummm...what if the dog was just PMS-ing that day and decides your child is annoying (Because it probably is) and bites your child's face off? What then? I am all for protecting yourself and your home, but killer dogs just sound like my nightmares coming to life.

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  1. Agreed times a million. And wtf that dog owner sounds like a psycho. pretty sure you can go to jail if you train dogs to kill random strangers ha or something like that



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