Call Me Maybe

Once upon a time Bart and I decide to go on a hike. Little Cottonwood Trail to be exact. OKAY COOL- I think-.  Even better when there is a sign that says "No Dogs Allowed" I told Bart it was my new favorite place.

The trails app says it's a 3 mile trail "out and back" and because of the wording of said app I deduced it meant this was a 3 mile hike total...as in after 3 miles it would be over. boy was I wrong.

I think it was only half a mile in and Bart tells me it's 3.2 miles there, and 3.2 miles back. okay I think, three miles really isn't that big of a deal, I can run that so a hike shouldn't be too bad. boy was I wrong.

The first part was straight up desert and sun and heat and no shade and stupid. Finally we get into the mountain part of this trail and yes, there is shade, but there is also a continuous incline...and not a very nice incline at that.

This isn't even the worst part people. I had that stupid Call Me Maybe song stuck in my head. Here I am trekking up a freakin hill in shoes that are way too old and letting rocks in and JEANS and I have this awful awful song stuck in my head. What did I do to stay sane you ask? Well, I came up with my own little verse of song.

(Read this to the tune Call Me Maybe)

Hey we just started
And this is pretty
But I'm a fat kid
So turn-round maybe?

pretty good right? right?!?! I thought I was pretty clever. I had other drafts, but this was my favorite.

Now you are probably thinking where is my wonderful husband? Well, I was going at warp Megan Speed so he was usually further up the hill.

This is my view for most of the hike
So, 1.5 hours into this lovely walk through the park, we're thinking we must have taken a wrong turn because it wouldn't be taking us this long to walk 3 miles. I said lets go 10 more minutes and if we don't see anything we will head back down. 9 minutes later we are discussing the game plan and Bart sees a guy just up from us and suggested we go ask him how much further to the trail. so we walk about 15 feet and BAM the end
 of the trail.

We almost headed back when we were one turn away from the top.
but we didn't.
and we made it to the top,
and celebrated with a Jolly Rancher.

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  1. Prob one of my fav posts ever. Love your new verse to the song and the view of Bart up ahead. Don't worry its exactly the same for me. Except I pout about it. Boo. Love "warp megan speed" bahahaha



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