Beachless Babymoon

 This time next week Bart and I were supposed to be enjoying the beach for a quick babymoon. It was going to be lovely and relaxing and leaving my skin with a nice tan and I have been looking forward to it for MONTHS. 

Then I got into a car accident this week and BAM. No more beach trip. 


My car is probably totaled and the financially responsible adults in us decided we should put off a beach vacation. Sometimes being financially responsible sucks. I want to just take all our hard earned cash and spend it on whatever the hell we want and not worry about having a savings account or paying off school loans quickly or having other savings accounts. 

Bart and I are lucky that we are both on pretty much the same page when it comes to finances. It's usually not a topic of conflict and we can come to an agreement pretty quickly. After the accident Bart brought up the vacation and I started crying because I knew that meant he was thinking what I was thinking : we shouldn't go. Sometimes it's awesome when great minds think alike. Other times it sucks! 

So today I put on my new swimsuit (the one that fits my prego chest size) and headed to the pool. I might not be going to the beach anymore but I sure as hell will be getting that tan! 

As for next week...a staycation babymoon is in order and I am determined to enjoy myself- beachless and all.  

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