Easy Breezy Weekends

This weekend was pretty low key. Bart is in training mode again so Saturday mornings mean long runs! I love the time we get to spend in the mornings together as he runs and I ride my bike next to him. We went 9 miles and it was a beautiful morning. Even though it wakes us up at 4:30 a.m. it's totally worth it. Bart is such a stud! He makes running look easy.


After we got back Bart headed off to a football camp (so it begins) and I got ready to go to my step brother and sister in law's sealing. I got all ready in my new prego clothes and ended up on the couch, not going. I wasn't feeling very well but hey, I was comfy in my maxi skirt!


I finally embraced the fact that I needed to buy some maternity shirts. I bought pants a few months ago and they have been the BEST. I haven't bought any shirts because really, who wants to spend 40 bucks on a shirt?? Not me. But after attempts at getting dressed in the morning were ending in frustration and failure I finally went to Target and bought a few things. Good idea? Great idea. 

Speaking of great ideas....I stopped by Hobby Lobby. I love that place. They have some pretty great things for home decor. I love their non-frame prints. They are inexpensive but add a lot to a room. They happened to be half off so you better believe I spent my time sorting through each pic. I found this beautiful floral picture and got inspired for my nursery! I love the pinks, oranges and yellows. I haven't done one thing for my nursery because I didn't know what I wanted. Having a color scheme makes things a little easier. On my way home I took the picture into Home Depot and grabbed some paint to match! Then I went over to the thrift store and bought a bunch of mismatch frames. I'm not a crafter. At all. But I'm excited to see how everything turns out. Don't worry, I have been taking plenty of before and afters to show off when everything is done. 


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