Big slice of (sugar-free) humble pie

My 33 week checkup was today and Meggy got a huge slice of humble pie. And by pie I mean the bad kind. Not the kind of pie that is filled with sugar and happiness because as of today I can't have anymore sugar. 

I took my glucose test to see if I had gestational diabetes a couple weeks ago. My doctor said I was 1 point away from being diagnosed. ONE POINT. wtf?? Now to be honest I did eat a piece of cheesecake the morning before my test..... But my doc said that would not have really skewed my results (meaning it's high because it's high, not just because I ate some sugar that morning).  Of course my love of sugar doesn't help the situation and even though there are a handful of reasons pregnant women get diabetes it still freaked me out. 

But the Man upstairs knows what motivates me, and that doctor's visit today absolutely motivated me to be better. I would say I have had a pretty "easy" pregnancy (whatever that means) but I have struggled from day one to keep up on my exercise routine and healthy diet. 

At first it was because I felt like total shit every day and couldn't choke down a vegetable, then it was gross weather outside and I was out of the habit of daily exercise and then when it finally turned beautiful weather I was too big to run and started getting huge and awkward and tired. *sigh*

Long story short? I have been utilizing my couch WAY too much. But today that chapter of the story ends. I know I only have 7 weeks left but it's not too late to take care of myself. Looking back of course I would have done a few things different during this pregnancy, but it was my first time and a life adjustment I didn't see coming! There is nothing I can do about how I have been the past 33 weeks, but I do have control of the next 7. 

So no more sugar (and refined carbs but I don't eat those anyway) and daily exercise. Apparently my stubborn self needed to get to the cliff before realizing it wasn't worth the jump. I will always love my candy and sweets, but (for now:)) I love myself and my baby more. 

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