Days fly by

I never really blogged about the night I found out I was pregnant, and how we spilled the news to our family. Technically I wrote a blog post to baby B and never hit publish until 6 weeks later when we were ready to share the news.

I also wrote the following post and it has been sitting in my "drafts" folder ever since

December 12, 2013

I am 5 weeks pregnant today and NO ONE KNOWS! And by no one I mean Bart and my BFF Sarah because let's be honest..I wasn't going to sit around for Bart to get home after peeing on a stick. I obvi had to call my bestie. Ok...enough with that.

I found out 5 days ago. I was barely late for my period and even though normally I wouldn't even think about it, I kept getting this nagging feeling to take a test. I had an extra one lying around from an 'oops!' moment 6 months ago (it was negative..obviously) so I took it and BAM that electronic stick said "yes" within a minute! I just stared at it. Stared at it long and hard. Then I looked at Aggie who shared that moment with me and started laughing/crying.

pregnant. positive. yes.

Bart was at his brother's watching the Aggies lose play when I called asking when he would be home. He was grouchy because they were losing and said "late". So I went down to the couch and sat there with my stick and called Sarah. I remember when she got pregnant she texted me at 7 a.m. asking if I 'had a minute" and when I said yes, she texted me a pic of her pee stick. So of course calling her was my next logical step. Earlier that day was her baby shower so it was a fun-filled-baby Saturday.

When Bart got home I told him I had some good news and (like always) he said "you're pregnant?" and this time instead of laughing it off I started smiling and showed him the stick! He was so happy and we are still trying to register everything as I write this.

A few days later I went to the 7-11 next door and bought a bag of potato chips and a pregnancy test. The kid looked at my purchase and asked "how's your day going?" haha. I can see how this would be amusing. (fyi...I ate that bag of chips within 24 hours...Instead of blaming my fat kid tendencies I will blame the bun in the oven)

I want to tell the whole world but chances are you won't be reading this for another few months. That's okay...I just had to get it out to share later :)

Baby Bowen expected August 2014.

Kinda fun right? Well we waited until we saw our family at Christmas to tell them. We got this awesome video of my mom opening her Christmas present:

I can't believe this was 6 months ago and now our daughter will be here in just a few short months! This pregnancy has FLOWN by and I have loved every second of it!

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